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AOxSUGARFINA: packaging


A+O x Sugarfina
Holiday Candy Packaging

Sugarfina was born from Rosie and Josh O’Neill’s dream of an innovative gourmet candy shop for grown-ups. Inspired by Sugarfina’s collection of the finest, highest-quality candies from around the world, we developed a custom candy bento box packaging that translates alice + olivia’s quirky fashion sophistication into a luxurious dessert experience for the holiday season.



The packaging features a pull out box sleeve with gloss coat finish and metallic foil on the glasses, lips, and ribbon borders



Available in two bento box sizes, the wrap-around sleeve features the iconic Stacey Face pattern that aligns mindfully in a modular format when stacked. 


Sugarfina copy.jpg

Sugarfina open-top bento box in all white with black print deboss; box inset that holds 3 and 8 modular sized candy boxes with ribbon sticker to close, and candy menu list with descriptions.



*Featured in Yum Yum! Creative Food & Drink Branding Design first published in the United States of America by Gingko Press by arrangement with Sandu Publishing Co Ltd. (2015)
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*Featured on Package Inspiration website. Check it out


new! updated exclusive PACKAGINg for 2017

The packaging features a pull out box sleeve with matte coat finish and metallic silver foil on the glasses rim, metallic red foil on the lips, and black foil on the logo.


Work for alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet x Sugarfina - NYC
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