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The Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership is a non-profit foundation that seeks to foster policies and actions by individuals, organizations and governments that best contribute to a fair, productive and harmonious society. We work to facilitate open-minded, informed and respectful dialogue among a broad and engaged public and its leaders to arrive at outcomes that help to create better communities.


Brand Analysis 

Target Market
—World leaders
—Policy makers
—United Nations representatives 
—Research directors
—Financial trustees
—Professors & Educators


Design Strategy 

Readability, in terms of its legibility and flow of text, is the key matter in designing for the foundation. The fact that the many publications that the foundation generates encompasses serious topics that are well researched by high-profile scholars from around the world; from the visual design standpoint, the design decisions for the textual content should be made to look almost invisible--and that means the text should read as easily as possible, with mindful visual breaks, proportionate alignment, and carefully thought out hierarchy of information.



• Visual Identity & Brand Design (Style guide, logo design)
• Print Design (Program brochures)
• Book Design (100+ page perfect bound soft cover book)


Print Design

Printed brochure design that lists details on each program that the organisation addresses.


work in progress

The report book & folder