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branding  |  ui/ux  |  design thinking


A non-profit organization that fosters regional and feminist solidarities for justice through policy dialogue between civil society, governments, sub-regional alliances, and the UN.


Creative director: Cristian Fleming
Designer: Trisha Tan

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design thinking

Design and strategy to sharpen RR's brand, story, and messaging to help them become a better and more effective partner to their stakeholders.



Workshop Facilitation
/ User Story

Working with the founders of RR, we (TPS) conducted workshops and exercises to help them better develop their user story: what is their mission statement, goals, and identify problems to better serve their stakeholders.

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Language Development

During the workshop, TPS focused on getting out the right language to best convey a strong, accurate message to their stakeholders. What is RR to anyone? We grasp their business objectives and develop their vision statement to understand their expectations and deliver added value.


30-min Interviews

Conducting interviews via Skype/Hangouts/calls, TPS asked a series of questions to their local and international stakeholders and target audience for insights to sharpen RR's brand, story, messaging, and understand those needs to help them become a better and more effective partner.

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Design Thinking

Through our process of applying design principles into our analysis, we transcribe and dissect the conversations from all the interviewed stakeholders and focus on finding the intelligent equation between purpose and construction; through patterns, keywords, listening to problems faced in specific regions; to determine important values and issues identified as major pain points and converting those notions into opportunity.

Brand Analysis Report

Through these conversations, TPS developed a comprehensive brand/competition analysis and matrices to make clear what positioning RR sees themselves as. We define the big picture: their mission, the thematics, keywords, target audience, and a comprehensive analysis of their competition.

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Temporary Website

In the meantime, I designed and worked directly with a developer in creating a temporary 1-page website that houses RR's current content, making the basic contact info and clear brand messaging available to the page visitors.

Developer: Adam Verwymeren



With understanding of RR's content, I designed an initial phase of wireframes and created the content management site flow.

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Questions we strive to answer:

• What are the best ways to align their business needs with their user goals?
• What features should be in the site?
• What will their users relate to and want?
• What are the next ideas to add value?
• How useful/relevant are these proposed strategies?
• What does the user test show us?
• What other crazy ideas can we come up with?

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brand Voice


Developing a strong message through active listening, identifying key issues, and understanding the audience needs; the brand messaging guidelines aims to address these details and more.



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Visual Identity


(Coming soon)



branding  |  ui/ux  |  design thinking is a UN Environment program launched in February 2017, with the aim of engaging governments, the general public, civil society and the private sector in the fight against marine plastic litter.


Creative Director: Cristian Fleming
Designers: Muhammad Sharaf, Diana Haj Ahmad, Trisha Tan